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Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Big Reveal!

Don't you just LOVE the new blog design?  Have you seen the website design?

I have to say that I am in LOVE with both of them!  I want to introduce you to the amazing Gal that I worked with to make it all possible!
 Michelle with Handmade SEM is the best designer that I have worked with.  I have had others design a logo, or an ad, or even talked to lots of people about doing a website design and blog makeover, and no one had really come close to Michelle.  Not only did I contract with her for this job, I also had her do my old Company's website.  So not only will this amazing SAHM take on us little guys, but she can take on and amaze those big Corporate Clients as well!

I have to say that the direction that I gave her was very vague, but she NAILED it!  I am amazed by the work she did and the way she interpreted my vision, and made it so much better, and a reality!  If you are looking for a designer for a VERY REASONABLE price-let's face it, I'm pretty cheap about some things- I HiGhLy recommend you visiting and just chatting with Michelle with Handmade SEM!


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Eco-Friendly 'Paper' Towels

So, a friend and I thought these would be fun to make!  Reusable, washable, paper towels!  Made from thick outdoor fabric and terry cloth and rolled on a Paper Towel Roll!  I love them!!  What do you think??

Monday, April 16, 2012

New Website and Blog Design Coming Soon

I simply CAN'T wait to show you all the new blog/website design!  Everything is looking AH-mazing!!  We should be able to launch it SOON!  Stay tuned...

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Closed for Renovation

Well, Bright Eyes Designs is moving to a new home! Or at least my little family is!

I currently have the shop closed for any custom orders, but may have some items for a RTS sale up during the interim.

I will be doing Lots and LOTS of renovations on the home we are moving into, and can't wait to show them off here!

Thank you all for all the support!