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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mom of The Year!

Well, it is official!  I have officially scarred my child.  He is now deathly afraid of POLICE OFFICERS!  How did I manage this you ask?  Well, let me tell you:

After an exceptionally fruitful trip to the craft/fabric store yesterday evening, by just-barely-three year old, wanted to sit up front in the car by his *Mommay!  When I told him that he had to sit in his very own special car seat, we had a major melt down!  Now, what do I do?  I tell him that if he didn't sit in his seat, and did sit up by Mommay, that the Police Officer would have to come and take Mommay away!  Apparently, the kid kinda likes me!  He clammed right up, climbed right into his seat, and was practically buckling himself right in!  All the while saying, "No, Mommay, you have to stay with me.  Police not take you away or I will be CROSS!"  Needless to say he insisted that I contort myself in such a way to hold his hand the whole drive home!  **Now every time he hears a siren, he clings a little tighter!!


* That is how my says Mommy... not Momma, not Mommy, nope, Mom-may (Don't know where he got his little Jersey accent-we live in Utah for Pete's sake!

** Now I know that someday he may have to go to the Police for help (Heaven forbid, but still may be a reality), and I want him to know that he can go to the Police for help.  So maybe I will tell him that the Police will always know where Mommay is, and if I get lost, or he gets lost and needs Mommay, to find the police and ask for visitation pass to see his Mommay... ;) I like the loves I get... Don't judge.

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